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Three Compression Balers

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Harris Three Compression balers are designed to handle the really tough baling jobs. The TG and TGS balers are built for rugged work with materials that are too dense for two ram balers. Each of our three compression balers is able to handle heavier metals and fit perfectly in automotive plants and scrap yards.

Heavy Duty Construction

Harris Three Compression balers are designed with extra reinforcement and denser side walls to make quick work of heavy materials like scrap steel, sheet metal and white goods.

Working Hard, all the time

Harris TG and TGS balers are built to last. Each one of these machines meets Harris standards to guarantee a reliable baler that will keep working under the toughest conditions. The machines are designed to be tough and robust.


Rethink Energy Consumption

Harris VFD Power System Comparison

Harris is taking a new and innovative approach with hydraulics and electronic controls. We want to change the way customers think about comparable costs. Our energy efficient machines focus more on output and what you get from your energy use. Our VFD power unit is designed to maximize output.