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Wolverine Two Ram Baler -

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Materials Designed to Process

Designed for these Facilities

Fierce Two Ram Power

The Wolverine is the perfect low cost, entry level, multi-purpose two ram baler for operations that don’t require high production volumes, but still require multi-product versatility.

Solid and Stout

Like all Harris two ram balers, the Wolverine is designed with a solid uni-body construction – a solid one-piece body design. The uni-body construction design gives Harris two ram balers added strength and rigidity to handle difficult materials in difficult applications.

Flooded Suction Power Unit

The Wolverine’s flooded suction power unit eliminates the worry with a dry calvation start which could damage hydraulic pumps. It also makes servicing and maintenance easier by making it easier to shut off the flow and service the pumps and motors on the ground.

Compact Size, Not Compact Value

The Wolverine’s power unit is mounted on the back of the machine reducing the amount of floor space needed.

Total Precision Control

All Within Arms Reach

The Wolverine, and all other Harris two ram balers feature total control user interface terminals which include a multi-function touch screen display with up to the second diagnostic and production information. Couple that with a custom production system built by Harris and you will have the most efficient and productive facility around.

Wolverine Two Ram Baler
Wolverine Two Ram Baler

Machine Specifications*

Model Wolverine
Bale Size







Bale Volume


Capacity cu ft./hour 10,975
Charge Box Opening inches 41" x 60"
Hopper Opening inches 40 3/8" x 60"
Main Pump

60 gpm

Cycle Time seconds 21 sec.
System Pressure PSI 3500
Main Ram Face Pressure PSI 145
Ejector Ram Face Pressure PSI 84
Shipping Weight tons 20
Baling Material

Bulk OCC

Solid Waste


Whole Aluminum Cans

Steel Cans




Up to 1250

Up to 1500

Up to 1400

Up to 750

Up to 1500

Up to 900

Up to 1200

Up to 1050