World class customer support is at the heart of a great operation. We take pride in providing a complete, hands-on customer service and support team. Harris’ customer support staff is available to troubleshoot any issue and get you up and running as soon as possible. Our parts department is dedicated to getting the part you need, made specifically for your machine, with the highest quality and efficient delivery. If you are looking for a new machine or total system, Harris’ support team can upgrade your Harris machine with new controls, hydraulics and original Harris Parts – maximizing your productivity.

Parts & Service

Harris believes the number one issue with after sales support is parts. We take great pride in providing the highest quality, machine specific parts. The main goal is to keep you and your operation running at peak productivity.

Harris Parts & Service

Harris Automation Controls

Harris can provide comprehensive control and system upgrades that include top of the line hardware and software solutions that monitor your entire operation with the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity at your facility.

Safe Operations

Safety is a key component in the material reduction business. Harris takes safety seriously. We provide helpful links to important information regarding the safe use of Harris equipment and the safety of your entire facility.

Harris Safety Information