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Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers - Harris manufactured horizontal balers are a perfect fit for a facility looking for a dependable and efficient baling solution for medium to high volume facilities processing paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastics and aluminum cans.

Our horizontal balers combine the economy of single ram baling with high volume, continuous operation design, whether you are using it in conjunction with shredder and air systems or a recycling plant.

Harris horizontal balers, design simplicity

Harris horizontal balers are designed for ease-of-use with intuitive, programmable touch screen displays, self aligning tension system, and built in on site diagnostics. Our baler designs are made to assure you maximum density and volume with programmable controls and 15 material selections. Keeping your hands free to address other areas of your operation.

Power Savings

Harris horizontal balers are power saving machines

Are you concerned about power savings? Our horizontal balers are engineered to sip power, instead of chugging. Most models come with twin power sources allowing an economy mode using half the power while still providing maximum power when the situation arises.

Is an old horizontal baler costing you money?

An old baler can suck money from your bottom line. It could be downtime with unnecessary repairs or an energy hog that keeps your operating costs high. A new Harris horizontal baler can help with innovative power units that reduce energy consumption, and a design that has routine maintenance in mind. You can reduce your downtime and energy consumption.

Safety Relay

Safety First

Harris horizontal balers utilize a Category 3 safety system. The system continuously checks the status and function of safety interlocks and emergency stop devices.

All access doors are provided with three (3) pole magnetic safety rated interlock switches.

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HSO horizontal baler

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HLO horizontal baler

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HP Series

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HL horizontal baler

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HAL horizontal baler

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Piranha horizontal baler

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Barracuda horizontal baler